“Promotes positive, authentic relationships, based on the development of social and emotional skills, to enable the young person to grow, learn and flourish.”

(Horizons of Hope CEM)

Social and Emotional Learning

At St John’s, we recognise the importance of wellbeing and the impact on student learning and sense of happiness. Every aspect of school life at St John’s aims at enhancing student wellbeing and contributing to the full flourishing of each child in all aspects of their development. 

Children are provided with many opportunities to make choices, build relationships with others and express themselves through the many languages they possess. 

During recess and lunchtimes children have access to both passive and active play spaces. The outdoor spaces have been designed purposefully to ensure children can interact with their environment and one another, promoting a sense of positivity and calmness. Children have regular opportunities to select from a range of activities including hall games, gigantic chess, construction, sandplay, climbing, mindful colouring and many others during their breaks. 

In ensuring nurturing relationships, each child belongs to a village with their peers and teachers. The internal school environment and curriculum provide multiple opportunities for children to work with others, developing authentic social and academic relationships. 

We are deeply committed to ensuring our school is a place where young people feel safe and are safe. St John’s adopts an integrated and collaborative approach to building and strengthening a safe and respectful school community. Student voice is a critical component of a child safe environment. We have established appropriate and accessible pathways through which our children can express themselves, communicate concerns and feel empowered.