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Lien Barnabas 

Hello, St John’s community!  My name is Lien and I am part of One Hub in 2022.


I am a passionate learner and educator, I strive to continue to learn and grow in the ever-evolving world of education. At St John’s, the children are at the centre of everything we do. I am proud and feel fortunate to work alongside educators that strive to meet the individual needs of each child. I love creating learning environments that are engaging and immersive for our children that allow them to explore and discover the many possibilities in the world around them. 


When I am not at St John’s, I spend my downtime with my daughters Alicia, Emily and Madeline. We love creating beautiful memories with our extended family and friends, celebrating birthdays, different milestones and going on our annual camping trip. 


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Amy Littley 


Hello everyone! My name is Amy and I am so excited to be joining the St John’s Community in the Year 1 Hub for Term 3 2022!

I have been an educator for 15 years and feel very privileged to have supported many children and educators along their learning journey. I believe in promoting children’s voice in their learning, ensuring they are actively engaged and have the dispositions and skills to grow and flourish. I look forward to working with the children in reaching their learning goals and exploring the world around them. I strive to create a learning environment where all students feel safe and supported and can
have lots of fun!

In my spare time, I like to spend time with my friends and family. I love to travel around the world exploring different cultures and admiring nature. I also enjoy walking with my dog, Sandy, visiting local markets and curling up under a blanket with a good book.

I can’t wait to meet and get to know all of you!

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My name is Nicki and I have been working at St John's for the past six months as a co-educator. I feel fortunate to have been part of the St John's family, especially during such a tumultuous time. It has been heart warming to see how this community band together to offer support, love and kindness to all.


I'm looking forward to a fresh start this year (go away Covid). I love working with children and believe in nurturing and building their self esteem to enable them to take risks, be bold and never fear failure. Empathy and patience are my greatest virtues which help me to build trust and form good relationships with the children I work with.

Nicki Wierzbowski


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Pam Manser




I’m Pam ... the Reading Intervention Educator at St John’s. I love reading and feel privileged to help our students become better readers.


I’m looking forward to working with my new students. I’m also looking forward to working with Hub Educators and Co-Educators. I believe that working together, sharing knowledge and ideas is a great way to help our students.


On the weekend, I like to find time to go walking, do some gardening or try to catch a fish or two!!!

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Melissa Caruana 


Hello everyone! My name is Mel and I am so excited to be joining the St John’s Community in 2022! I will be working in the Year 1 hub in 2022. 


I aspire to create an inclusive learning environment where students feel safe and supported, but one that is also engaging and fun-filled. I love to have fun, play games and get creative! You will often see me having impromptu dance parties, cooking or making and creating with children! I want children to develop a love for learning and inspire them to take ownership of their own learning journey.


In my spare time, my husband Jordan & I love to take our mischievous puppy, Simba, to our local dog park. We also like to keep ourselves busy, so often plan exciting activities such as painting classes, board game nights or weekends away camping with our friends! 


I can’t wait to meet and get to know all of you!