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Taryn Darlow



My name is Taryn and I am grateful to be joining the St John’s community in 2024. I have been an educator for 10 years and during my time, I have come to learn that student-led learning, student agency, discovery/play-based learning and wellbeing is what has a significant impact on student success in learning and life. I strongly believe that relationships are at the centre of everything we do as educators and am looking forward to building relationships and connections within this community. 


Away from school, I enjoy spending time cooking, being outside, reading or heading out on day trips to explore our beautiful state. I believe in making time to “fill up my cup,” so that I may best serve those around me, including this community. You will always find me studying (from a book, podcast or course), specifically in the area of health and wellbeing or in “creation mode,” working on making things to help others with their health and wellbeing.


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Greg Lane


Hi, My name is Greg and I am very pleased to be joining the St. John’s community and the Year 5 / 6  hub for 2024 alongside Michelle and Taryn.


I have been an educator for a long time in Primary and Secondary schools in Victoria and Queensland and my goal in every learning environment is to create a lively space where children are safe, comfortable and happy…where risks can be taken, mistakes made, resilience developed and lots of laughter is heard.


In my spare time, I try to get in a regular game of golf, a bike ride and watch my beloved Brisbane Lions play….I have just got over the Grand Final result by now! I also love reading all sorts of books,  so any suggestions you may have will be greatly appreciated. Holiday times I like to get away to do some camping and fishing. I find that time in the  great outdoors recharges my batteries.


I look forward to getting to know you all and working alongside you in 2024. It is going to be a great year!


Michelle Daly


Hi there, I’m Michelle and I feel very fortunate to be joining the St John’s community and look forward to being part of the 5/6 hub with Greg and Taryn in 2024. My journey of teaching has taken me to some amazing places around Australia and given me experience working in Early Childhood, Primary and Secondary schools.


As an educator I value building relationships with young people, supporting their wellbeing and creating a sense of belonging for children and their families. I’m passionate about inquiry learning and supporting children to work together collaboratively.


When I’m not at school you can find me outdoors in nature, riding bikes, playing basketball, walking our greyhound and watching my son play sport.


Lauren Maynard


Hello I’m Lauren, I have been given the opportunity to work alongside the 5/6 children this year. I look forward to collaborating with all the children in this hub, learning the new ways of working in the upper year level. I’m very enthusiastic, motivated and inspired by children’s ideas and ways of thinking when it comes to projects - I do get quite excited when projects come to life! I pride myself on making strong connections with all children. I’m also looking forward to collaborating with Greg, Taryn and Michelle in this space.


I started at St John’s in term 3 2022, in the One Hub alongside Lien and Amy, in 2023 I was lucky enough to stay with these children and work alongside Eva and Kelly. I have watched them grow and flourish in this space, as resilient, passionate and kind children they have shown me the ways of working within the St Johns community each and everyday.


When I'm not at school I love spending time with my family and friends, I also love traveling - exploring new places and trying to master the art of Thai cuisine. I’m a Cricket and Calisthenics mum so my weekends are filled with watching my children do what they love. My family and I are also kept busy fostering Australian Border Force dogs, we have fostered 5 dogs and are still going. We have an ex ABF dog whose name is Layla, she also keeps me busy with long walks and making adjustments to my garden.

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