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Jordan Fry

Prep Educator

Hi! My name is Jordan and I am a very proud member of St John’s beautiful community! 


I am very excited to be working alongside Patrick once again in the Prep Hub for 2022.


I believe that children should be at the centre of their learning, and have the freedom to explore and discover their individual passions and interests through the 100 Languages of Learning. Forming genuine and meaningful relationships with students and families is vital in supporting students and in fostering a love for learning. 


In my spare time you can find me with my fur babies: Bella the dog and Hank the cat, or spending time with my parents on their farm in Geelong.

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Patrick O’Loughlin

Prep Educator

Hi, I'm Patrick and I am very lucky to be working in the Prep Hub once again with Jordan in 2022!


I have had such a great year of learning and connecting with the St. John’s community this year and am excited to continue this journey next year. 

As an educator I place children’s wellbeing at the heart of everything I do. I am passionate about children exploring their world and interests through discovery and I believe in bringing fun, humour and love into learning. 


When I'm not at school, I love to listen to music, dance and sing along. I also love playing soccer and footy with my friends. 

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Raquel Romano

Hello everyone! My name is Raquel Romano and I am a new addition to the St John’s community. I will be joining Jordan and Patrick in the prep hub! I believe that when working with children you should never miss an opportunity to learn. I am very lucky to have joined a community that supports children’s wellbeing as much as I do and look forward to many happy memories.


Outside of the classroom I enjoy spending time with animals, I also take day trips outside of Melbourne and take part in other activities such as pilates, roller skating and illustration.