“Education is not filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire”

W.B. Yates

Traditionally schools were developed to respond to the workplace, the teacher’s role was to pass on knowledge and students would reproduce it. However in the world today yesterday’s answers offer limited solutions for today. At St John’s we are beginning a journey to rethink traditional Education and respond to our world today.

We aim to learn through collaborating, making meaning, creativity, research, problem solving and negotiation. We are ensuring we are not only ticking boxes as we believe in uncovering, creating and making the impossible possible. We focus on developing learners’ capacity to thrive in tricky situations – knowing what to do when they don’t know what to do – is valued highly.

We aim to explicitly teach learners strategies to get out of ‘I’m stuck’ situations. Being stuck and errors  are celebrated and harnessed as an opportunity to build each individual’s learning capacity. Without failure, errors and multiple solutions we narrow education.

We focus on learner dispositions and capabilities. The Learner Qualities are an important part of Building Learning Capacity and are Reflect, Question, Connect, Think, Be Self Aware, Wonder and Be Determined. The Learning Process is another essential learning strategy that is intentionally taught to enable learners to set goals, analyse data to be critical, have learning intentions and are able to identify and work towards success. Learners develop strategies to move forward and progress in their learning.

Our curriculum design assumes that knowledge and skills are transferrable across the curriculum. Skills and knowledge such as asking questions, evaluating evidence and drawing conclusions are taught explicitly and then demonstrated across all learning areas.

At St John’s we believe in developmental Learning where students learn in a way which is appropriate to the development. In Prep-Two we have a heavy focus on discovering. In Year 3-4 we focus on Creating and Year 5-6 – Innovating. This focus ensures our children are equipped to solve problems for the future and innovate beyond our wildest dreams.

We pride ourselves in making learning visible. Learning intentions are displayed in ‘learner friendly’ language to help our learners know how am I going?, where am I going? and where to next? By making learning and progress visible we empower both our learners and their parents.

Our spaces are thought about intentionally and purposefully. We believe in creating a welcoming and versatile space. Where noisy learning happens, quiet contemplation, small group areas and indoor / outdoor investigations occur. Curriculum and Learning spaces are connected therefore we need a variety of space to cater for the differences in our curriculum.

At St John’s we are committed to educating the whole child. We aim to, in partnership with our families, support our students in the development of their mind, body and soul within a Catholic context.

Our children explored Australia’s history through the language of sound. The sounds represent many different times. We hear the sounds of Australia’s Indigenous people in harmony with the land, we hear the hope of migration, we hear the sadness and heart ache of unsettlement and a stolen culture.