Dear Families and Friends,

Well done to all for all your work and combined efforts in making Remote Learning Work. This experience has been different for everyone and we will ensure we are  listening to the joys, hard parts, exciting parts and the parts that have made us question and wonder once we all return. 

Your ongoing support, efforts and communication have been warmly received and greatly appreciated. You will be aware from my email sent on Wednesday that Monday May 25th is a Student Free day for ALL students, Prep, Year 1 and Year 2 students are to return to school on Tuesday May 26th and students from Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 will be returning on Tuesday June 9th.

We will, as always, continue to follow the directives of Catholic Education Commission of Victoria (CECV) who are working with the Chief Health Officer and Department of Education and Training.

From 26th May our Prep – 2 children will have a week sparked from joy and love. We will be having many fun and exciting learning experiences whilst continuing our target teaching groups. From June 9, our 3-6 children will have their fun and joy week. During these weeks children may wear whatever sparks joy for them. 

I am personally VERY excited to get back into projects and discovery. I can’t wait to begin planning the many creations / research / prototypes with children. Our spaces seem eerie and lonely without you all present. I’m looking forward to seeing all of your faces in the coming weeks. 

I hope this time of transition is smooth and full of care. At any stage you need support or different ways, do not hesitate to contact me. 


Do you need a little extra support at this time?

We have a connection with several organisations who drop food packages. If you need this please email Gemma ( – this will be completely confidential.


Ongoing Reminders

Information regarding Return to School processes will be forwarded next week.

Please remember:

– the office can only be accessed by appointment – 03 9687 3150


Enrolment Process for 2021 Foundation students

Enrolments have officially closed and letters of acceptance have been sent. We will meet each of our new families for a chat in Term 3. Transition and kinder visits will begin in Term 4.



In our last newsletter we reflected on kindness, which is reflected time and time again within our community.

Our St John’s horizon demonstrates our commitment to a safe and inclusive community, a place we can all call home. This week we pray that this sense of community continues to flourish as we surround ourselves with kindness and care.


Community prayer

Welcoming Gods,

Here we are –

people of many traditions,

of great hopes and humble successes.

Here we gather –

in memory and truth,

in courage and mutual trust,

in love and promise.

Bless us as we strengthen our connections to one another.



Pentecost Sunday 

It’s hard to believe that we are about to celebrate the Feast of Pentecost, which occurs 50 days after Easter. It seems like an eternity since Easter however the calendar says otherwise and on May 31st the Catholic Church will celebrate this special day! Pentecost is a commemoration of the Apostles receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit while they were gathered together in Jerusalem. This gift gave the disciples of Jesus the courage to go and spread the Good News. It is one of the oldest celebrations of the Church – in fact it is referred to as the birthday of the Church, the day that people began to become a community of believers, following the death of Jesus. The colour red is worn by the priest and symbols such as a dove or a flame are often used to signify the presence of the Holy Spirit. The day is one of joy as Christians renew their faith and celebrate being in communion with one another. This year it might look a little different but nonetheless we pray that you experience joy in celebrating with one another. 



Ramadan ends on Saturday, May 23, 2020. On that evening, and for the next three days, Muslims celebrate Eid al-Fitr, or the “Festival of Breaking the Fast.” Eid al-Fitr is celebrated through prayer, gifts and feasting. We wish our families who have been fasting throughout Ramadan a happy Eid al-Fitr!



Social Justice

Hello students, teachers and families,

We are the Social Justice Leaders and for our next project we will be working with the Way of the West to supply food and clothing for those who need it most. We will be focusing on the Catholic Social Teaching of ‘human dignity’ and ‘preferential option for the poor’. We are focusing on these particular social teachings because ‘human dignity’ means to respect everyone and to treat others equally while ‘preferential option for the poor’ means to provide opportunities for those who don’t have as much as we do. Each week we will ask families to donate certain items such as food and toiletries. All donations can be sent to your child’s Home Group. All donations will be greatly appreciated. We will collect items for 6 weeks. We will begin our collection on Tuesday 9th June and finish our collection in Week 3 of Term 3. We will send out further information in the next newsletter. Stay safe and keep warm. 

Thank you,

Elicia, Frederick and Timothy

The Social Justice Team


Catholic Secondary School – attention Year 5 families

Catholic Secondary Schools are now taking enrolments for 2022!


If you wish your child to attend a Catholic secondary school, you will need to contact your school of choice for an application form when your child is in Year 5. Applications for 2022 are due to Catholic Secondary schools by August 2020.





RHSports Uniform Shop will still be operating their website


for online purchases (only) as normal




Community Noticeboard











Important dates

We have many dates coming, please ensure you are on Flexibuzz and check the calendar on our website for upcoming events. Do you need a paper copy? Please collect one from our office.

Term 2


Mon 25th: Student Free Day – Staff preparing for students return to school

Tue 26th: Prep-2 children return to school (Joy Week – children may wear whatever sparks joy for them)


Tue 2nd:  3-4 Student Free Day – No scheduled learning activities or google meets

Fri 5th:  5/6 Student Free Day – No scheduled learning activities or google meets

Mon 8th: Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday

Tue 9th: 3-6 children return to school (Joy Week – children may wear whatever sparks joy for them)

Fri 26th: Last Day Term 2 Sports Day – Finish at 1pm (Wear House Colours)