Dear Families and Friends,

Congratulations to everyone in undertaking Remote Learning and making it work for you! I know this comes in different ways/shapes/sizes for families. I have loved hearing how families have created different ways to manage this time.  I thank you for the overwhelming support and collaboration in which our community has approached these challenges and new learnings. Please contact us if we can support you in different ways. 

We will continue to follow the directives of Catholic Education Commission of Victoria (CECV) who are working with the Chief Health Officer and Department of Education and Training on developing a statewide process for transitioning back to school when it should occur. I will keep you informed of any updates as I receive them. At this stage it will be the beginning of Term 3 to ensure or lessen the potential risk or spike. 


Mother’s Day Blessing

On behalf of our St John’s community, may I extend a warm and loving blessing to all Mothers, Grandmothers and Special Women for May 10th 2020. I hope this day is full of love, cups of tea and cuddles.  See below for our Mother day stall details.


Due to our unprecedented times we have had to reschedule and change some of our student free days.

No set work will be assigned for these days. 

Our Term 2 closure days will be as follows:

May 19   Reporting and moderating student free day 

June 17  5/6 student free day

June 18  3-4 student free day 

June 19  P-2 student free day


June 26 Last day and we finish at 1pm – sport activities/fun games will  be sent for this day 



I hope you have all had a chance to spend the SIMS voucher and create a healthy snack or meal as a family. I have heard of some VERY adventurous recipes. 

If you haven’t yet – head down to Sims and let your imagination run wild. Well…… $10 worth of wild 🙂 


Take care and keep warm,



Enrolment Process for 2021 Prep students

Please note we once again have had many applications, many more than we can accept. As much as this is exciting and we are very thankful, we never like sending a letter or making contact to notify of a waiting list position. If you do receive one of these there are many factors considered and in many cases we accept children throughout the year as parents make decisions to move, give their child an extra year and other reasons. We will be offering places firstly to children that are Catholic in the area and turning 6 in Prep and after that time other positions will be offered. The process does take a few weeks to finalise, please be patient with this process. 


Faith News

A Reflection on Kindness

As our world struggles to adapt to the current challenges we are experiencing, it is ever more important that we live together in harmony. There are so many sources of inspiration all around us, our own personal values, our faith, the faiths of others. For example, Pope Francis is quoted as saying ‘Let us learn to live with kindness, to love everyone, even when they do not love us’. In the Buddhist worldview, it is more important to be kind than to be right. For Muslims kindness towards all of mankind, the environment and animals is an integral part of their faith life. Does your family have another faith perspective on kindness that you’d like to share with our community? We’d love to hear about it, please email me and share your thoughts ( 



A Prayer for Mother’s Day

Gentle Gods,

We pray for all mothers, bless them with love and patience. Help us to appreciate the sacrifices they have made for us. May we hold the moments of kindness they show us as precious. We pray too for mothers who are no longer with us, we remember the beautiful memories we hold in our hearts. May all mothers experience the joy of a loving family.



Mother’s Day – Sunday 10th May

This year, the Mothers Day stall will be held on

Thursday 7th May 1 pm – 3 pm 

Friday 8th May 9 am – 11 am 

If you are out for a bike ride or a walk you are welcome to visit.

Gold coin donation per item purchased 

(limit of 2 items per child)

Please bring exact money as we will not be handling coins/notes/change.

Social distancing measures will be in place, please wait until any families in front of you have moved away from the stall. Follow the chalk marks on the ground.

Thank you to our wonderful team of parent helpers who organised gifts for our Mother’s Day stall.


Catholic Secondary School – attention Year 5 families

Catholic Secondary Schools are now taking enrolments for 2022!


If you wish your child to attend a Catholic secondary school, you will need to contact your school of choice for an application form when your child is in Year 5. Applications for 2022 are due to Catholic Secondary schools by August 2020.






RHSports Uniform Shop will still be operating their website


for online purchases (only) as normal




Community Noticeboard









Important dates

We have many dates coming, please ensure you are on Flexibuzz and check the calendar on our website for upcoming events. Do you need a paper copy? Please collect one from our office.

Term 2


Thur 7th: Mother’s Day Stall 1 pm – 3 pm 

Fri 8th: Mother’s Day Stall 9 am – 11 am

Tue 19th: Student Free DayReporting and Moderating


Wed 17th:  5/6 Student Free Day

Thur 18th:  3-4 Student Free Day

Fri 19th:  P-2 Student Free Day

Fri 26th: Last Day Term 2 Sports Day – Finish at 1pm