Dear Families and Friends,

Welcome to Term 2 2020 – a new experience for us all as we commence Remote Learning.

Learning is looking different for all of us at this time, a steep learning curve for many. Not only for our children but for many of us adults adjusting to working at home alongside our children. Our staff have been absolutely amazing during this time and I can not thank them enough for their dedication and commitment. Every single staff member attended training sessions over the holidays and are now online more than ever before. The experience provides many new learnings throughout each day and often new challenges. I thank every family and staff member for embracing these challenges with calmness and support. WE are so very grateful for our supportive community, we thank you all for your patience and kindness.

For many this time of isolation will bring greater challenges as they experience time away from loved ones and increased stress/anxiety at this time. Please do not hesitate to email me if we can do anything to support you. Our school farm is open each day if you feel like a walk and some time out in the fresh air. 

Catholic Education Victoria notified us yesterday that legal requirements regarding recording attendance have been adjusted for Remote Learning. During this time we will be recording attendance once per day. Students will be recorded as present if they have made contact with a school staff member at least once throughout the day. If no contact has been made by 2:30pm each day the office will contact the parent via an SMS as our standard practice however an extra contact will be made by our home group teacher or Wellbeing leader after 2-3 days of absence as a courtesy call and a check in. 


Enrolment Process for 2021 Prep students

Please note we once again have had many applications, many more than we can accept. As much as this is exciting and we are very thankful, we never like sending a letter or making contact to notify of a waiting list position. If you do receive one of these there are many factors considered and in many cases we accept children throughout the year as parents make decisions to move, give their child an extra year and other reasons. We will be offering places firstly to children that are Catholic in the area and turning 6 in Prep and after that time other positions will be offered. The process does take a few weeks to finalise, please be patient with this process. 



Faith News

Loving Gods,

Being alone is hard. We were created for community, not confinement.

But we’re grateful that no matter how alone we may feel, you are always with us. 

And, we’re grateful for technology that helps us stay in touch with each other.

We remind ourselves that this time of social distancing and isolation will not last forever.

Give us the strength to endure this difficult time, and deepen our connection with You and with one another.

Empower us with love, peace, hope and joy. 





Sacraments of Confirmation and Eucharist

Both of these Sacraments are postponed until further notice. We will be in touch with families as soon as we have any information. Thank you for your understanding. 



This Saturday, 25th April we celebrate ANZAC Day. Many people are commemorating the ANZAC’s by shining a light on their driveways at dawn, in lieu of the traditional dawn service.

We remember the courage of the ANZAC soldiers and are grateful for their sacrifices.

Lest we forget. 




Mother’s Day – Sunday 10th May

This year, the Mothers Day stall will be held on

Thursday 7th May 1 pm – 3 pm 

Friday 8th May 9 am – 11 am 

If you are out for a bike ride or a walk you are welcome to visit.

Gold coin donation per item purchased 

(limit of 2 items per child)

Please bring exact money as we will not be handling coins/notes/change.

Social distancing measures will be in place, please wait until any families in front of you have moved away from the stall. Follow the chalk marks on the ground.

Thank you to our wonderful team of parent helpers who organised gifts for our Mother’s Day stall.





Any parent/caregiver of a Year 4 or 5 student

I will be running an information session via google meet. I will go over information regarding zones for public schools and the process for enrolling your child in your school of choice. 

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND attendance of any parent of Year 5 that have not already selected a school/enrolled their child. 

If you are interested in joining please email me and I will send you a google meet invite.

I will run this session Tuesday 28th of April from 6.30pm – 7.30pm. 

Angela Flint


Catholic Secondary School – attention Year 5 families

Catholic Secondary Schools are now taking enrolments for 2022!


If you wish your child to attend a Catholic secondary school, you will need to contact your school of choice for an application form when your child is in Year 5. Applications for 2022 are due to Catholic Secondary schools by August 2020.



RHSports Uniform Shop will still be operating their website

for online purchases (only) as normal


Message from Commonwealth Bank

The health, safety and wellbeing of our communities and our people remains our highest priority. Due to the ongoing uncertainty surrounding coronavirus, the School Banking program will remain on hold. We will continue to monitor the situation and keep you informed with any updates including how we will be managing Dollarmite tokens for students.



In the meantime, here are some handy online resources for parents who wish to maintain momentum with their child’s financial education:

  • Start Smart: these resources have been created to improve children’s money management skills, and is aligned to the Australian Curriculum and the National Consumer Financial Literacy Framework.
  • The Beanstalk: offers videos and fun activities for children to learn about money.




Community Noticeboard










Important dates

We have many dates coming, please ensure you are on Flexibuzz and check the calendar on our website for upcoming events. Do you need a paper copy? Please collect one from our office.

Term 2


Wed 15: First Day Term 2

Tue 28th: Secondary School Enrolment Information Session 6.30pm – 7.30pm

School Photo’s Postponed (TBA)