Dear Families and Friends of St John’s,

Welcome to 2020 and the beginning of a new school year.

I pray that everyone has had a refreshing and safe break and you are feeling excited about the coming year.

A special welcome to our new Prep families and to those who join us in other levels. I know that our caring community will be extending a warm welcome to each and every one.

We also welcome new staff members  Jarryd, Dana, Stevie, Linda & Jayka.

Our theme for 2020 comes from our horizon words Inclusion and Dynamic Learning.

Our Professional learning for all staff will focus around this theme.



2020 Assemblies and Prayer Gatherings

This year we invite you to join us at Assembly and in Prayer. Assemblies will be held every fortnight at 2:30 pm on ‘even’ weeks of the school term. Our first assembly will be held this Friday, 7th February. Assemblies will be led by our School Captains and are an opportunity to share announcements, acknowledgements and birthdays. 

Prayer Gatherings will be held on ‘odd’ weeks of the school term, beginning on Friday 14th February, at 2:45 pm. Prayer Gatherings are a time for our community to come together in a sacred space. Each Home Group will lead a Prayer Gathering throughout the year. Children will have an opportunity to design and lead our community in prayer.

The dates and times of Assemblies and Prayer Gatherings will be listed in the newsletter each fortnight, along with which Home Group will be leading the Gathering. We look forward to welcoming you throughout the year. 



PREP 2021

We are now taking enrolments for Prep 2021.


Please tell friends and family.

If you have a child beginning Prep in 2021 simply call in and collect an enrolment form from the office.


Welcome Picnic and Family Chats

Dear Families,

We are having Family Chats and a Welcome Picnic at St. John’s on Thursday, 20th February from 5pm – 7pm to welcome you all to a new year at St John’s. 

This year’s chats are taking a different format to past years. All families are invited to meet in their child’s home group space from 5pm – 5.30pm to meet with the educator and other families. This is a great opportunity to strengthen community relationships and make new connections with one another. Families with more than one child at school are invited to divide their time between each home group.

From 5.30pm – 7pm we will gather as a whole school community. We will provide entertainment and water (please bring reusable drinking cups for your family #sustainability). Please bring a picnic blanket and your own #nude picnic (let’s work TOGETHER to reduce our carbon footprint). 

The event will conclude with a Welcome to County and a Smoking Ceremony performed by an elder of the Wurundjeri community. 

We look forward to welcoming you.

Angela Flint

On behalf of the St John’s staff


Newsletters 2020

Newsletters are generally published each fortnight on ‘odd’ weeks of the school year. Our next newsletter will be shared with families at the end of Week 3 (13th/14th Feb). 


Sports uniforms

Please note that children will be participating in Sports lessons on the following days:

Wednesday – Year 1/2 and Year 5/6 

Thursday – Prep and Year 3/4

Children are asked to wear their Sports uniform on their allocated day. Additionally on the last day of Term 1, Term 2 and Term 3 we hold Sports Days and all children are invited to wear their Sports uniform along with their House Colours. 


Pick up after school

There are a number of options when picking children up after school via car – please see below for some further information. 


Eleanor Street Pick Up Zone

Families can pull over into the School Pick Up Zone. Please tell the staff members on duty who you are collecting and we will call them for you. Please do not exit your car, this zone is reserved for pick up only.


Back Yard

Parking is available on the Back Yard after school.  Please note that the Back Yard entrance is not a pedestrian zone – this is to ensure the safety of all our community.   When the yard is full we ask that you park in nearby streets or avail yourself of the Pick Up zone located on Eleanor St. 


Everard Street

There are three 10 minute spots on Everard Street available to park in during pick up time.


Staff email addresses

Staff Member  Role  Email
Gemma Goodyear Principal
Aoife McCarthy Deputy Principal

Faith Leader
Chevon Adamidis VL Leader

P-2 Learning Diversity
Molly Argus 1/2 Teacher
Lien Barnabas Prep Teacher
Jarryd Bradford 3/4 Teacher
Jayka Bugay Japanese
Natasha Caligiuri Psychologist
Mary Corbino 1/2 LSO
Daniela De Luca Literacy & Numeracy

Angela Flint 3/4 Teacher

Family Engagement
Jordan Fry 1/2 Teacher
Jenna Gladman 1/2 Teacher
Pauline Goldie 3-6 Learning Diversity
Kerrie Hartmann Farm & Library
Michele Hayes Grade 6 Teacher
Mitchell Hayes 3/4 Teacher
Leonie Kirk Admin Officer
Pam Manser Reading Discovery
Marty McGauran Discovering with

Technology Teacher
Maria Natoli The Arts
Bess Naughtin Atelierista/Innovation
Dana Millsteed 1/2 Teacher
Linda Nguyen Grade 5 Teacher
Thuy Nguyen Admin/Interpreter
Haley O’Meara Atelierista
Ashlee Owen Wellbeing &

Numeracy Intervention
Erin Schembri Prep Teacher
Jackie Schober ICT / ICON
Stevie Symmons P.E
Thushari Senarath 3/4 LSO
Thorneycroft Lisa Prep Teacher
Louise Verna Bursar
Eileen Winduss 5/6 LSO



Community Noticeboard




Important dates

We have many dates coming, please ensure you are on Flexibuzz and check the calendar on our website for upcoming events. Do you need a paper copy? Please collect one from our office.

Term 1


Fri 7: Assembly

Fri 14: Prayer Gathering 2.45pm led by HG Michele

Thu 20: Family Chats 5pm

Welcome Picnic – from 5:30pm


Mon 9: Labour Day – NO SCHOOL

Tue 10: SCHOOL CLOSURE DAY – NO STUDENTS (Maths Progressions) OSHClub will be taking bookings

Wed 11: Preps commence full week

Fri 20: SCHOOL CLOSURE DAY – NO STUDENTS (Teacher PD Emotional Intelligence) OSHClub will be taking bookings

Fri 27: Last day Term 1 – Finish at 1pm (wear House Colours)


Tue 14: First Day Term 2