‘Catholic schools are committed to an inclusive pedagogy where all are welcomed, valued, acknowledged and actively engaged in education. As educators, we seek to meet the needs of all learners, so that every student experiences success and is a fully active member of their school community’   – CECV NCCD Program Guidelines 2020, p.2.  

At St John’s diversity is celebrated and visible within our school, we believe we are responsible for maximising learning outcomes and the dignity and wellbeing of all children by providing access to a high quality education that is free from discrimination.  At St John’s, we are cognisant of our legislative requirements and professional responsibility to provide reasonable adjustment under the DDA (Disability Discrimination Act 1992) and the Standards (Disability Standards for Education 2005).

We embed differentiated classroom practice within teaching and learning throughout our school. We promote  inclusive environments by ensuring all children access curriculum with multiple entry points.  Children with additional needs are supported in collaboration with teaching staff, parents and specialist consultants. Federal Government funding (NCCD) is provided to all schools on a needs basis, to enable them to implement programs that improve the learning outcomes for all children, including those with additional learning needs, by providing access to educational support services.

At St John’s, the teachers and leadership teams work collaboratively in the identification of student needs, quality teaching and learning, additional assessment as required, referral to specialist consultants, and collaborative practice, weekly planning and data evaluation. A vital aspect of this process is the open communication between the parents and the school. Regular meetings between Parents and Teachers  are held to monitor the process and review their child’s progress whilst setting achievable goals.