Week 7

Dear Families and Friends of St John’s Community,

Thank you to the parents who made themselves available for Parent Support Group meetings over the last two weeks. This meeting is a requirement to meet funding guidelines. The school employs a Casual Relief Teacher to ensure teachers are well prepared and able to meet each parent. We understand taking time away from work can be difficult however your time was very much appreciated. 

A big thank you also to the parents who attended our Maths Learning walk. Daniela and Lauren led the walk,  having a pre conversation, a walk around classrooms and question / answer time after. Your time and interest was once again appreciated. 

I hope our excursion to 2040 ignited much conversation and interest at your kitchen tables.  It sure did at ours. Children returned to school full of ideas and full of action to ensure our world is in a good place into the future. 

We celebrate Father’s Day this Sunday. We hope the school BBQ breakfast and coffee today showed our love and appreciation to all our Important Males in our lives.

We acknowledge our Fathers and Father figures who are present in our lives and we think of those not present. May love and care surround you Sunday and each day as we thank you and show our great appreciation to you all. 

Have a lovely day,



Next week some families will receive a survey to help guide the schools strategic plan. If you are a family who receive this – please, please, please complete it otherwise inform the office to ensure a link is sent to another family who is able to complete.


Kind Regards,

St John’s Staff 


Learning and Teaching

Thank you to all those families who were fortunate enough to join us in experiencing the ‘Ray of Light’ exhibition. This exhibition demonstrated our wonderings and findings from our group inquiry which focused on physical science and the Scientific Inquiry Process. A big thank you to Emma Robinson (Charlie and Jacob’s mum) for helping to launch this through our Mad About Science Day at the end of last term, and for providing St. John’s with some valuable resources to make this happen (e.g. light boxes and plasma balls etc). Thanks Emma!

Over the past weeks, we have embarked on our fourth and final group inquiry of the year. As you know, your child/ren attended the movie 2040 in Week 5. This served as our immersion into the key concepts of Places and Resources, which will be used to drive our understandings (linked to Geography curriculum and Ethical Capability). These concepts will be explored through the Field Study Process where learners will be supported to question, collect and record information, analyse and evaluate, communicate findings, and reflect and respond to their new knowledge and understandings.

Throughout our places and resources concept focus, we aim to strengthen the learning disposition of curiosity, where St. John’s learners will be encouraged to approach learning experiences with a curiosity and wonder about various locations in their world. Learning Dispositions provide a wonderful opportunity for families to reinforce at home. You might revisit old questions, model and promote ambition with your children, play with them, expose them to diverse content and collaborate with them on mini projects to discover more about their interesting and intriguing world. See  https://www.kqed.org/mindshift/51538/the-benefits-of-cultivating-curiosity-in-kids if you would like to check out more about cultivating this disposition.

A big thank you to the parents who joined us on the Maths Learning Walk on Tuesday morning. Dani and I enjoyed discussing how our Maths philosophy is interpreted within the different Villages across our school. Angela is looking forward to formally gathering your feedback. Thank you very much for this investment in your child’s learning.

Families, thank you for all your support throughout this year, particularly in feeding back your thoughts about certain Inquiries, concepts and and focuses. We have appreciated this commitment to our community, and learning together in relationship. Finally, I would also like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you from me and a “see you soon” to all of you, while I take some leave to welcome my own big love into the world.

Lauren Davis

Learning and Teaching Leader / Maths Leader


3-6 District Athletics 2019

On Thursday 22nd August, the St John’s Athletics Squad competed at the District Track and Field Carnival at the Newport Athletics Track.  We had almost 50 students take part from the grades 3-6. Students involved were:

Joane, Cristina, Natasha, Jas Sharon, Alanii, Eliza, Zaria, Louisa, AnhVan, Paulino, Timothy, Noah 

Thomas, Eric, Nathan, Adler, Kalvin, Brian, Joshua, Joanna, Kaitlin, Dheeksha, Navi, Fadza

Dhreeti, Elicia, Frederick, Andy, Richard, Bobby, Charles, Sebastian, Tin, Lam, Christian, Cindy, Tiffany, Milee, Allegra, Sofia, Aiden, Auston, Thomas, Calvin, Ralphael, John, and James.

Events on the day included Discus, Shot Put, Long Jump, High Jump, 100m sprint, 200m, 800m and the 4 x 100m Relay.  Congratulations to all of our students who competed to the very best of their ability and represented St John’s with great pride and sportsmanship.

I’d like to send a big congratulations to the following students who have qualified for the next round of competition, the Division Athletics, which will be held on Tuesday September 3rd at Keilor Athletics Track;

Jas Sharon (Discus), Adler (Long jump), Noah (Discus), Joanna (200m), Fadzai (Shot Put and Discus), Tin (high jump), and Ralphael (Shot Put and Discus).

We wish you all the best of luck on the day!

I’d like to finish by thanking the staff and parents who assisted on the day with supervision, as without your help, the event would not have been possible!  Thanks so much to Grant, Thushari, Mark, Clare, Tran and Novita.

Hayley Lee


What’s Buzzing?

These past few weeks have been full of excitement. From book week to Athletics, the school has had a lot to be excited about.

Last week, students aged 10-12 went to Athletics to compete in sports against other schools, where everyone encouraged their teammates, and showed sportsmanship towards other schools. We asked some students about Athletics Day and how they felt.

(5/6) Sofia: It was really fun, I got to see my friends from my old school and I tried discus for the first time. 

Some students placed a spot in the division athletics, we wish them lots of luck! 

On Book week, students were invited to dress up as characters from their favourite books. This was great because it encouraged students to read and enter the world of their favourite books.

(3/4) Eliza: It was really fun, I dressed up as  Professor Remus Lupin from Harry Potter. I dressed up as Remus because he’s a really nice character and J.K Rowling said if she could go out to lunch with any character she would choose Lupin.

(Prep Lien) Harry : I liked it when I got to be Dumbledore and I saw everyone’s other costumes.

(Prep Lien) Jai: I like book week because I got to dress up as stickman 

At the end of the day, the students watched ‘The Monsters In My Wardrobe.’ It made all the kids laugh, and the students were allowed to join in and help him overcome his fears.

(5/6) Aiden: It was really funny and he had a great sense of humour. 

St John’s has also created a new play pit in the senior yard. It’s called a GaGa pit. Students of all ages share the pit space and we asked them their opinions about the new pit.

(3/4) Thomas : It’s really interesting and I’ve never played such a different game.

(5/6) Abhajot: It’s really fun lots of people can play and it’s fair.

We hope all our families at St John’s have had as wonderful weeks as we have. We look forward to the time ahead!

Media Leaders,

Sofia, Oscar and John




Our farm has begun with plans of our new fire pit. Children will be hands on in this project creating the walls of the pit. The children have decided stones will create the wall of the fire as we are on the land of a former quarry, which ceased operation in 1988.





St Joseph’s By the Sea

Springtime Mothers’ Day Out

Wednesday 4th September

Give yourself some peaceful time, in a beautiful place, while the children are at school.

For catering purposes please leave your name at the office or the Convent.




Come along for a family movie night here at St John’s – September 19th 6pm – all welcome. More info to come. 






September/October/ November/December

  • Tuesday 3rd September – Divisions Athletics Finals
  • Wednesday 4th September – St Joseph’s by the Sea Mother’s Day Out
  • Friday 6th September – Assembly 2.30pm
  • Thursday 19th September – St John’s Movie Night @ 6pm
  • Friday 20th September – Last day Term 3 1pm finish (wear house colours)
  • Monday 7th October – School Closure – Berry St Professional Learning for staff. No Students today
  • Tuesday 8th October – First Day Term 4
  • Tuesday 8th October – Friday 18th October – Swimming Intensive Program
  • Friday 18th October – Assembly 2.30pm
  • Friday 1st November – Literacy Learning Walk 8.45am
  • Monday 4th November – School Closure Day – Moderation and Report writing for teachers
  • Tuesday 5th November – Melbourne Cup Public Holiday
  • Thursday 19th December – Last day of the year! School finishes at 1pm

We have many dates coming up. Please ensure you are on Flexibuzz and check the newsletter for upcoming events.

Do you need a paper copy? Please let Leonie know at the office.


2019 School Term and Holiday Dates

Period Start Finish Length
Term 1 Friday 1st February Friday 5th April

Finish 1pm

Wear House Colours

10 Weeks
School Holidays Saturday 6th April Thursday 25th April
Term 2 Friday 26th April Friday 28th June

Finish 1pm

Wear House Colours

10 Weeks
School Holidays Saturday 29th June Sunday 14th July
Term 3 Monday 15th July Friday 20th September

Finish 1pm

Wear House Colours

10 Weeks
School Holidays Saturday 21st September Sunday 6th October
Term 4 Tuesday 8th October Thursday 19th December

Finish 1pm

11 Weeks


OSH CLUB – Before and After School Care

Would you like to attend before / after school care in 2019.

Please register online: www.oshclub.com.au

Register Choose: St John’s Catholic Primary School FOOTSCRAY

Follow prompts OR CALL: 1300 395 735

Hello to all our existing and new OSHClub members.

Over the past fortnight, we have been very busy at OSHC! We’ve had lots of healthy treats like homemade pizza and pancakes to fuel us for all the activities we’ve been up to. With lots of playing, exploring and plenty of time in the Ga-Ga pit.  We’ve also been working on winter crafts such as knitting, solar powered boats and robotic hands!

On the last day of Term 3 (Friday 20th September), our OSHC service will open from 1pm when school finishes until the usual time of 6pm.   

We’d also like to inform you that our educators Novita and Jasmyn will be working at the OSHC holiday program at Spotswood Primary School over the term break.  There will be lots of exciting activities like Claymation, going to a Possum Magic show, Go Climb, Beats of the World Drumming and much more!

Please contact OSCHClub on the details above to book in for these services.


We are in need of recyclables; cardboard boxes, tubes, jars, tins, plastic tubs… Any of these items would be greatly appreciated for craft activities. Additionally, if you have any unwanted dress-ups, dolls, toys, board games or sports equipment that you no longer want, please drop it into Oshclub and we will gratefully take them off your hands.

Thank you

Novita, Jasymn, Helena and Lewis




Community Noticeboard


Wanted: Foster family for 3 rabbits for 12 days end Sept/beginning October ’19. These are indoor rabbits who live just off our kitchen but spend daytimes outside in a large secure pen. We’d love to find a St John’s family who can provide the experiences and care that they’re used to. We will provide a hutch & everything else. If you think you can help, please contact Trisha with any questions or for more info: 0400 077 182 or trishareimers@gmail.com


WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT – Footscray Hospital is seeking volunteers to assist their patients and staff in the following roles: lunch time meal support, visitor guiding and social support. We are also seeking volunteers who can assist in our Health Information Centre. All training, uniform and car parking is supplied. If you have 2 or 3 hours per week that you can offer, please contact volunteer@wh.org.au or call 8345 6431 – we would love to hear from you.