Dear Families and Friends,

Thank you to everyone who came along to our History Exhibition. It was wonderful to see and hear everyone feeling so inspired by the learning that our students have been engaged in. Each learning space was buzzing with excitement and intrigue as people explored. There are some photos below which capture just a small snapshot of the afternoon, it was truly magical to hear the conversations that were happening between children and their families. Thank you to our amazing St John’s team who enabled this experience to take place!




Dear Students, Families and Staff,

Catholic Education Melbourne School Improvement Surveys (CEMSIS): 2-20 September 2019

Throughout each year, we pause to listen to our students, families and staff to gauge how our learning community is travelling. This feedback is invaluable to our progress as effective school communities and is backed by evidence-based research and best practices.

One of the more important formal ways we engage and gather data is through CEMSIS, the Catholic Education Melbourne School Improvement Surveys.

CEMSIS is a set of surveys that have been built specifically for Catholic Schools in Melbourne by Learning Services teams at Catholic Education Melbourne in partnership with researchers at Learning First and in wide consultation with Principals in our schools.

In 2019, students, families and staff are invited to participate in CEMSIS using our brand new, secure and purpose-built online platform. The online platform is where our school leaders will access the summary reports that visualise the results of the student, family and staff surveys.

The CEMSIS survey platform is operated by an independent supplier, ORIMA Research Pty Ltd. The platform meets with the very high security and privacy standards for handling student and school data. Participating schools are in the process of updating their privacy policy to ensure school communities are fully informed and protected.

Students at our school will be provided with supervised sessions where teachers are on hand to help and answer any questions. Families and staff can complete the survey anytime over the three-week window via an emailed link and password. Feedback from last year’s pilot trials indicate many surveys were done across a range of mobile devices and different web browsers. Schools will be providing more information about CEMSIS throughout Term 2 and 3 via newsletters and social media.

Our community’s opinions are critical to understanding how our school is performing – CEMSIS is a key data source for guiding the ongoing work to improve our school.

All participation is invited, welcomed and 100% voluntary. The surveys are not a test; they are an inclusive way to feed the work we are already doing to improve our school. Everyone has the right to refuse to participate, or withdraw from the survey at any point before, during, or after completion of the survey. Please notify the school if your child does not wish to participate.

If you would like more information, please contact the school.

Yours sincerely

Gemma Goodyear





Faith News

Sacrament of Eucharist

We are very much looking forward to celebrating the Sacrament of Eucharist this Sunday 23rd June, 8:30am, here at St John’s. Please keep Jimmy, Erin, Evan, Emma, Hien, Sebastian, Isabella, Noah, William and Joshua, along with their families and teachers in your prayers. We will also be joined in celebration by a group of children from Holy Family Parish.

Heavenly Father, we pray for our children who are preparing to celebrate their First Eucharist. May they continually be nourished through this Blessed Sacrament. Amen


Visit from Nick Bracks

Our Year 3-6 children had a visit from Nick Bracks this week. Nick has vast experience in the modelling and entertainment industries. He uses what he has learnt about resilience and mental health to help children build strategies to help them if they are feeling anxious or worried. Nick talked about the importance of gratitude and encouraged us all to reflect each day on something that we are grateful for. It was heart-warming to hear many of our students share that they feel grateful for their family members. Nick also referred to the PERMA model of Wellbeing: Positive emotions, Engagement, Positive Relationships, Meaning and Accomplishment. He spoke about the importance of celebrating accomplishments, no matter how small, as each small step leads us to achieve our end goals.

We thank OSHClub for organising Nick’s visit.




Year 5/6 Wakakirri performance

Our Grade 5/6s are busily preparing to share their history learning through the Wakakirri performance.  Our team will be performing live on stage at the Clocktower Centre on Thursday 25th July. We’re enjoying the process of putting the story together and can’t wait to see everyone on the night. See below for some more action shots of our preparations!

The Wakakirri team



This Tuesday 25th June will be our last playgroup.

We will share a morning tea to celebrate & say farewell.
It has been such a joy to share this experience with you all, our VU students are all very grateful for the time they have spent with you & your children.
Starts in the Atelier, bring a plate to share
Many thanks

Tuesday 10.00 am.  



What’s Buzzing?

Article Written by the Media Team :

Oscar, Sofia, John, Andy, Milee, Natasha and Fadzi.

The term is coming to an end, and there are so many exciting experiences that  have happened this week.

This Tuesday, all the villages held a History Exhibition.  It showed what the children had been learning this term during whole group projects and what they focused on throughout the term.

We asked a few students to give us insight into how they felt the experience went:

Grade 1/2 Maliko responded with, “It was kinda dark, but it was really fun seeing old stuff we did a long time ago during whole group and I got to see other classes learning”.

Grade Prep Jai said, “ I liked the exhibition, I liked the photos like the aboriginal photos and I liked all the other class.  I liked the 5/6 class exhibition the most and I liked the 1/2 class because it had the footprints”.

Grade 3/4 Eve responded, “it was great, I saw trees in the 1/2 space and the Wakakirri dance photos which were really interesting”

A highlight during discovery this week has been the irrigation system group. The irrigation group are trying to cook food, but are saving money by growing their own produce over at the farm. But recently, a problem has presented itself.  They need a way to water the plants since their plants have recently died because it couldn’t be watered during the holidays. The irrigation group decided to make an automatic irrigation system to water the plants when needed.

We asked the irrigation group what problem had occurred and how they resolved it.

5/6  Aiden answered with, “we needed money, so we decided to sell eggs to make enough money to buy our resources”.

If you would like to purchase eggs from the farm, we kindly ask that you visit the front office and give a $2.00 donation for a 6 carton of eggs.

In addition to this, another discovery spotlight we would like to share, is Richard’s interactive timeline on WWE.  If you would like to visit Richards discovery project about pro wrestling and every Royal Rumble won since, visit


Farm News

This term at The Farm, small groups of Preps, 1s and 2s have been busy caring for the veggie patch and chooks. We’ve been focusing on waste free chook feeding including practicing using grain only in the feeders and keeping pigeons out while using other yummy things like kitchen veggie scraps to supplement our chooks’ diets and encourage scratching and digging in the run. We’ve been working hard at weed identification and have found out that most unwanted plants in the garden are highly nutritious for our chooks (and us!) who especially love chickweed and mallow. Meanwhile, most kids have been enjoying the flavour of sour grass while keeping our veggie beds weed-free. We’ve also planted winter seedlings weekly which has helped us practice digging and leveling soil while caring for roots and leaves. And we always remember to water our seedlings in to make sure they like their new home! Hopefully we have all sorts of tasty things on the way like colourful beetroot, silverbeet, peas, onion, kale and many more!  We’ve even been able to taste some crops ready to harvest- this week we tried a sweet but spicy large purple and white radish that we grew from seed collected and planted last term. There’s plenty more, so we might look into pickling them to save the harvest.


We are really trying to manage the pick up area.
We are supporting children by the 3 F’s – we will be bringing children out to Joan’s yard at 3.10pm.
Find your spot
Find your family 
Focus on your car 
We are minimising the ‘play’ around the pick up area to ensure we move students to the cars quickly and safely. We would appreciate your support in this. Thank you St J’s staff !!



Year 7 Applications 

Dear Grade 5  Families,

Applications are closing soon, so now is the time to apply if you wish your child to attend a Catholic Secondary school in 2021 .

Any further questions please email Angela

Thank you


Rough Play and Violent Games

We have been having several conversations about safe play on our yard. Children are constantly talking of games they play through their Ipads / laptops etc that they are beginning to replicate on our yard. Can we please ask you to review the age suggestions of games and the appropriateness of online games.  Roblox and Fortnite are two games continually raised and many children are able to access games in private areas such as bedrooms. We strongly advise all devices in eyesight of an adult at all times. 

We are working with all children on yard to ensure the rule of ‘NO CONTACT’ is understood. We would appreciate families chatting about the importance of this.


Inform and Empower – Cyber safety Evening

As our complexity increases with device use we request one parent per family to attend this night – Monday August 19th 2019. Non-attendance will lead to restrictions of device use for students until parents are fully informed of cyber safety.





To keep everyone warm and dry during these winter months, you may purchase our new St John’s Waterproof Fleece Lined Jacket from RHSports for $49.00.

Simply visit and then go to clothing/school uniforms.  Select St Johns Catholic School for our uniform options.
Or call 9870 1377 (Press 3) from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday



June July August

  • Sunday 23rd June – Eucharist Yr 3 St John’s Church 8:30am
  • Mon 24th, Tues 25th & Wed 26th June – Grade 5/6 Camp
  • Thursday 27th June Mad about Science Day (immersing Students into science and the scientific inquiry process)
  • Thursday 27th June – Grade 3/4 Sleepover
    End of Term 2
  • Friday 28th June – Last day Term 2 Finish at 1pm & wear house colours
    Start of Term 3
  • Monday 15th July Term 3 begins
  • Saturday 20th July Parent Trivia Night 7pm
  • Thursday 25th July – Grade 5/6 Wakakirri Performance
  • Friday 9th August – Confirmation (Our Lady’s Church Maidstone)
  • Monday 12th August – School Closure Day (Reading Progressions)
  • Monday 19th August – Cyber Safety – Inform and Empower (one parent must attend)

We have many dates coming, please ensure you are on Flexibuzz and check the newsletter for upcoming events.

Do you need a paper copy? Please let Leonie know at the office.


2019 School Term and Holiday Dates

Period Start Finish Length
Term 1 Friday 1st February Friday 5th April

Finish 1pm

Wear House Colours

10 Weeks
School Holidays Saturday 6th April Thursday 25th April
Term 2 Friday 26th April Friday 28th June

Finish 1pm

Wear House Colours

10 Weeks
School Holidays Saturday 29th June Sunday 14th July
Term 3 Monday 15th July Friday 20th September

Finish 1pm

Wear House Colours

10 Weeks
School Holidays Saturday 21st September Sunday 6th October
Term 4 Tuesday 8th October Thursday 19th December

Finish 1pm

11 Weeks


OSH CLUB – Before and After School Care

Would you like to attend before / after school care in 2019.

Please register online:

Register Choose: St John’s Catholic Primary School FOOTSCRAY

Follow prompts OR CALL: 1300 395 735



No lunch orders available on our last day of term – Friday the 28th June



Community Noticeboard


Wanted: Foster family for 3 rabbits for 12 days end Sept/beginning October ’19. These are indoor rabbits who live just off our kitchen but spend daytimes outside in a large secure pen. We’d love to find a St John’s family who can provide the experiences and care that they’re used to. We will provide a hutch & everything else. If you think you can help, please contact Trisha with any questions or for more info: 0400 077 182 or