Dear Families and Friends,

Our History projects are in full swing – children have been exploring storytelling and Indigenous dreamtime stories in our Early Years. In our Upper Years Children have explored History through the eyes of many different groups, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and Early Settlers. Children have researched status and rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, migrants and women. Our dispositions underpinning this learning have been ‘brave, optimistic, open and expressive.’  

We are showcasing an aspect of learning through a small scale exhibition on June 18th after school 3.30pm-4.30pm. Students are exhibiting their learning in different language forms ie: through movement / photos / installation and/or sound. You are invited to share in this experience.

Running alongside our Whole Group projects (History) are the children’s Discovery projects Prep to Year 6. I am always blown away by the many passions and the dedication in Discovery time. We currently have students creating herb gardens, solar systems, robots, new games (coded by students) which are also informative, we have our sewing group and the list goes on and on.

Discovery projects are constantly conferenced by an adult and each project involves a St John’s process such as the research process or design process etc. We also chat to the children about What makes an awesome project and who will be the audience- below is a snapshot of this thinking.


I hope your children are sharing their learning with you all as much as they are sharing with us.  The JOY in learning is extremely evident at St J’s.

From a very inspired GEMMA 🙂


Dear Parents

The attached Swimming Survey will be sent home with your Children on Tuesday.  Please complete and return the form by Friday the 14th June. Your feedback is very much valued.

Thank you

Faith News

Sacrament of Eucharist

Some of our Year 3 children will celebrate the Sacrament of Eucharist on Sunday 23rd June, 8:30am, here at St John’s. We will be joined in celebration by a group of children from Holy Family Parish. Please keep these children, their families and teachers in your prayers as they prepare together for this special sacrament.




“In order to be fair we have to share our care”

Dear Families,

Our Village Leader team have been working as an organisation that donates goods to the people that don’t have the same luxuries as we do. The aim of our organisation is to ‘warm up winter’. So far, we have focused on the words ‘care’ and ‘community’ from our horizon. We would like to take action and demonstrate care for others in our community.

We brainstormed lots of ideas for a slogan for our action and as a team we decided on “In order to be fair we have to share our care”. The slogan reflects our Horizon and our proposed action. It’s starting to get cold as we  head into winter so we would like to ‘share our care’ with people in need in our community. We checked the weather forecast and it’s already getting to below 10 degrees at night. Soon it will be very chilly. We think that we could show care for our community by trying to help people stay warm so we are asking for your help.

We would like to collect gloves, scarves, beanies and new warm socks to donate to Vinnies. Any donations will be gratefully received. Any size gloves or socks would be sincerely appreciated.

The collection has already begun and will finish on Friday 21st June. Please send any donations to your child’s class and the Village Leaders will take care of everything from there!

Thank you for your support of families in our local community.

IslIsla, Oliver, Bella, Fadzai and Anhduy, on behalf of the Village Leaders


Year 5/6 Wakakirri performance

We are very excited to announce that our Grade 5/6s have been invited to participate in Wakakirri – an Australia-wide performance competition that encourages students to tell a story through the languages of dance and movement. Through this opportunity, students have been exploring choreography, stage direction and sustainable prop making, as well as coordinating lighting from backstage.

This is forming our History unit and students are exploring and communicating the history of Australia’s democracy, through the perspective of Australian women through the languages of dance and movement. Our team will be performing live on stage at the Clocktower Centre on Thursday 25th July. We’re enjoying the process of putting the story together and can’t wait to see everyone on the night. See below for some action shots of our preparations!

The Wakakirri team


The playgroup is known as ‘Engaging with place’ and is aligned and supported by Victoria University.  We welcome our little people in our community to come along and join in – tell your friends and bring them too. Parents stay with their children whilst Haley and Victoria University student teachers engage with all the children.

3 sessions left…..
Next week Jayson is back to play his guitar & have a sing-a-long.
Our last session is 25/06 & we’d love to share some food & celebrate our VU students & our time together Engaging with Place.
Please bring a plate, extended family & friends welcome

Tuesday 10.00 am.  


What’s Buzzing?

This week has sure been fulfilled with many events, from the grade 1/2 excursion to the Botanical Gardens, to exciting new projects developing in the 3-6 area. We are always so excited to hear the stories of what’s happening around our school.

Last Tuesday, the 1/2‘s went on an excursion to the Botanical Gardens,  and we asked how they felt and what they loved the most:

According to Audrey, “we learnt about how plants were made. I was really excited. It was a good time to hang out with my friends”.

Speaking with Kayla, “plants can be very creative when they grow. I felt excited. The place was very pretty”.

This week during discovery, students have been challenging and extending themselves which has been really rewarding to see.

We asked students a few questions about how their discovery projects have been going and what they’ve been doing. We came across Freya from grade prep, who has been learning about working collaboratively.  As Freya states, “we have been making lemon juice. It was very sour. We also were planning on making pizza too”.

One of the highlights of the Discovery projects in the 3/4’s have been Katrina, Kasey and Vivan’s Robot. Their robot has had their troubles, but has recovered from them.

We asked them a couple of questions about the robot:

What motivated you to do this robot?

Katrina: “Because, we wanted to figure out how robots worked and how to program it. We were really interested in robots, because of the coding and all”.

We also asked its ups and downs, and how it’s going so far:

“At first it was going terribly, we then made some adjustments,”Katrina said, adding “after all the trouble, our teacher Angela suggested to use makey-makeys to make it have some characteristics”.

Article written by the Media Team:

Sofia, Oscar, John, Andy, Natasha, Fadzai and Milee.


Year 7 Applications 

Dear Grade 5  Families,

Applications are closing soon, so now is the time to apply if you wish your child to attend a Catholic Secondary school in 2021 .

Any further questions please email Angela

Thank you


Rough Play and Violent Games

We have been having several conversations about safe play on our yard. Children are constantly talking of games they play through their Ipads / laptops etc that they are beginning to replicate on our yard. Can we please ask you to review the age suggestions of games and the appropriateness of online games.  Roblox and Fortnite are two games continually raised and many children are able to access games in private areas such as bedrooms. We strongly advise all devices in eyesight of an adult at all times. 

We are working with all children on yard to ensure the rule of ‘NO CONTACT’ is understood. We would appreciate families chatting about the importance of this.


Inform and Empower – Cyber safety Evening

As our complexity increases with device use we request one parent per family to attend this night – Monday August 19th 2019. Non-attendance will lead to restrictions of device use for students until parents are fully informed of cyber safety.


June and July

  • Monday 10th June – Queens Birthday Public Holiday – No school today!
  • Friday 14th June – Assembly 2.30pm
  • Tuesday 18th June – Student History Exhibit 3.30pm – 4.30pm  All Classrooms open
  • Wednesday 19th June – School Photos
  • Sunday 23rd June – Eucharist Yr 3 St John’s Church 8:30am
  • Mon 24th, Tues 25th & Wed 26th June – Grade 5/6 Camp
  • Thursday 27th June Mad about Science Day (immersing Students into science and the scientific inquiry process)
  • Thursday 27th June – Grade 3/4 Sleepover 
  • Friday 28th June – Last day Term 2 Finish at 1pm & wear house colours
  • Monday 15th July Term 3 begins
  • Saturday 20th July Parent Trivia Night 7pm
  • Thursday 25th July – Grade 5/6 Wakakirri Performance

We have many dates coming, please ensure you are on Flexibuzz and check the newsletter for upcoming events.

Do you need a paper copy? Please let Leonie know at the office.


2019 School Term and Holiday Dates

Period Start Finish Length
Term 1 Friday 1st February Friday 5th April

Finish 1pm

Wear House Colours

10 Weeks
School Holidays Saturday 6th April Thursday 25th April
Term 2 Friday 26th April Friday 28th June

Finish 1pm

Wear House Colours

10 Weeks
School Holidays Saturday 29th June Sunday 14th July
Term 3 Monday 15th July Friday 20th September

Finish 1pm

Wear House Colours

10 Weeks
School Holidays Saturday 21st September Sunday 6th October
Term 4 Tuesday 8th October Thursday 19th December

Finish 1pm

11 Weeks


OSH CLUB – Before and After School Care

Would you like to attend before / after school care in 2019.

Please register online:

Register Choose: St John’s Catholic Primary School FOOTSCRAY

Follow prompts OR CALL: 1300 395 735



Thank you to all for supporting our parking out the back. We are requesting NO children to play during parking times, children on equipment or running around is creating a level of risk that we would like to remove. Minimising risk is our continual goal and we really want to keep opening back gates.

Thank you


Community Noticeboard


Wanted: Foster family for 3 rabbits for 12 days end Sept/beginning October ’19. These are indoor rabbits who live just off our kitchen but spend daytimes outside in a large secure pen. We’d love to find a St John’s family who can provide the experiences and care that they’re used to. We will provide a hutch & everything else. If you think you can help, please contact Trisha with any questions or for more info: 0400 077 182 or