Dear Families and Friends,

Lots happening at St John’s.  

This Friday we will visit the Mosque, celebrate our amazing women in our lives through prayer and over a cuppa.  

To all the women I walk beside and with through the St John’s Community, thank you. Your kindness, strength and generosity renews my belief in the power of connection and togetherness. May your Sunday be full of joy x


SUNSHINE MOSQUE – Family Invite – May 10th 7.30am


All of our children have been exploring rituals and symbols in the many faiths in our world. Over this term I am visiting the Sunshine Mosque and Braybrook temple to participate in their prayer time. I invite any family interested to join me.

On the 10th May at 7.30am I will be attending Prayer at Sunshine Mosque. The address is 618 Ballarat Road, Ardeer. This will require a parent to be present with your child/ren and bring your child to school after prayer.

Commonly referred to as the ‘Sunshine Mosque’ these days, it is the biggest Mosque in Victoria, and it has extended its services to cater for ladies, elderly and youth groups. To Muslims it is a place of worship and a meeting place, to non-Muslims it is a gift of Ottoman architecture which can be admired as they pass by the Ring Road to and from the city of Melbourne.

In the following weeks I will be advertising a date to meet at the Quang Minh Buddhist Temple in Braybrook.   If you are attending, please ensure conversations around learning, reverence and respect are had before entering this space.

Please let me know if you think your family will be attending.




Feedback on Parent Teacher Interviews

We would love to know your thoughts? Timing of interviews? Content of interviews. Do you feel you left with a snapshot of where my child/children are at? Current achievements and progression. Goals moving forward.When would you propose the next set of chats?

Please email Gemma.

Your responses will not be shared with any names attached. Our reflection enables us to plan for the future and refine our work.


How do you say welcome?

We would love to design a new sign for our office, could you please email if you have a way to say welcome in your mother tongue.

Wominjeka (Woi-wurrung word for Welcome) will be seen  to acknowledge the Wurundjeri people and their Elders past and present, upon whose land we learn and work, and to welcome and acknowledge Indigenous students and staff.


3/4 sleepover – new date

NEW DATE : 27th June at St John’s

Sorry for any inconvenience



The playgroup is known as ‘Engaging with place’ and is aligned and supported by Victoria University.  We welcome our little people in our community to come along and join in – tell your friends and bring them too. Parents stay with their children whilst Haley and Victoria University student teachers engage with all the children.

Tuesday’s from 10.00 am

To register your interest, please contact the office or email Haley O’Meara






We are inviting any Grade 3/4/5 parents to join a BUS TOUR of surrounding high schools.

Date: May 17th

We are providing this tour at no cost.

The visiting schools will be: Braybrook College , CCCC, Simonds, Marian College and St Aloysius college.

The tour will be from 9.00 am – 3.00 pm.

Please email Angela if attending:


Year 7 Applications for State Schools

Dear Grade 5 & 6 Families,

Year 7 Application Forms will need to be completed this year if your child is attending a State High School.

Any further questions please email Angela

Thank you


PARENT EVENT – Trivia night



Save the date – 20th July @ 540barkly

Ticket info to come …..




Privacy policy updated


  • ‘The school has recently reviewed and updated its privacy policy. The updated policy can be accessed from the school’s website. Alternatively, you may request a copy from the school office’.



Introducing the new NCCD Portal

A new Portal has been launched to help school communities participate in the Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on School Students with Disability (NCCD).

Every school is required to submit data to the NCCD. The information gathered helps teachers, principals, education authorities and governments better understand and support students with disability.

There is no change to the data submission process this year. However, school communities can access extra support through a comprehensive online resource.

The new NCCD Portal is packed with free and practical resources to support schools and their communities to participate in the NCCD, including e-learning modules, videos, case studies and templates.

The Portal includes step-by-step guides to the NCCD process, explains why data is collected and what supporting evidence is required, and suggests key timelines for action.

The e-learning modules assist school leaders, teachers and teaching assistants to understand their obligations under the Disability Discrimination Act 1992, the Disability Standards for Education 2005 and more.

Parents, guardians and carers can also find tailored information on the Portal.

For more information on the NCCD, visit


Dear families,

Re: Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on School Students with Disability (NCCD)

Every year, all schools in Australia participate in the Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on School Students with Disability (NCCD). The NCCD process requires schools to identify information already available in the school about supports provided to students with disability. These relate to legislative requirements under the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 and the Disability Standards for Education 2005, in line with the NCCD guidelines (2019).

Information provided about students to the Australian Government for the NCCD includes:

  • year of schooling
  • category of disability: physical, cognitive, sensory or social/emotional
  • level of adjustment provided: support provided within quality differentiated teaching practice, supplementary, substantial or extensive.

This information assists schools to:

  • formally recognise the supports and adjustments provided to students with disability in schools
  • consider how they can strengthen the support of students with disability in schools
  • develop shared practices so that they can review their learning programs in order to improve educational outcomes for students with disability.

The NCCD provides state and federal governments with the information they need to plan more broadly for the support of students with disability.

The NCCD will have no direct impact on your child and your child will not be involved in any testing process. The school will provide data to the Australian Government in such a way that no individual student will be able to be identified – the privacy and confidentiality of all students is ensured. All information is protected by privacy laws that regulate the collection, storage and disclosure of personal information. To find out more about these matters, please refer to the Australian Government’s Privacy Policy (

Further information about the NCCD can be found on the NCCD Portal (

If you have any questions about the NCCD, please contact the school.

Kind regards

Gemma Goodyear



Learning and Teaching

Towards the end of Term 1 and now into Term 2, we are focusing on Traditions and Perspectives as key concepts to drive our whole group inquiries (linked to Ethical Capability and History curriculum). These concepts will be explored through the Research Process where learners will be supported to question, find, review and communicate their new knowledge and understandings.


The learning dispositions that will be strengthened throughout this learning focus are Empathy and Reflection, where St. John’s learners will be encouraged to emphasise with different perspectives and reflect on ethical dilemmas. Learning Dispositions provide a wonderful opportunity for families to reinforce at home. You might discuss the perspective of a character from a book, or reflect on why someone has made a certain decision. You could have conversations with your child about what it means to be empathetic or reflective, and ask questions. For example, What are you working on? How are you doing it? What was easy? What was hard? What did you learn? How will you use it in the future? What would you do differently next time?


If you have any questions, comments or would like to celebrate your experiences from home, please contact Lauren through



Resources needed! We need your help!

We believe children learn in many ways and have the right to express their learning in many different languages (e.g. sculpting, painting, drawing, writing, acting, building). Our St. John’s Horizon places our children at the centre. We show this through the value of joy, discovery and encounter. Therefore, children interact with many different materials and mediums each day. Our staff are very good at resourcing, however we are calling on our untapped resource – our families – that may be able to help. At any stage throughout the year, we are appealing for any unwanted loose parts or natural materials that you have collected that you wish to donate (our preference is not plastic). This fortnight, we are in particular need of newspaper. However, before bringing anything in, could you please email Lauren to ensure it is suitable for the children of St. John’s. Thanking you in advance for your generous donations.



What’s Buzzing?

Article written by the Media Team:

Sofia, Oscar, John, Andy, Fadzai, Natasha and Milee.

On Friday last week, the Grade 5/6s competed in their first Interschool sports game against Footscray Primary School (FPS). It was an excellent display of sportsmanship across the board, and we asked the players  what they felt during their game, and this is what they had to say.

Kaitlin Vo (Netball): “Energetic: like a rush of adrenaline, because it was the 1st time playing netball this year”.

Andy Tran (Netball): “I felt really happy playing for the first time ever and also had an adrenaline rush”.

Charles Nghiem (Soccer): “Nervous but kind of confident, because I told myself to be brave”.

The results of the interschool sport games:

Soccer team lost by 0-8.

Mixed netball team won by 5-0.

Girls netball team won a nailbiter: 1-0.

Teeball won by forfeit.

On Wednesday the 8th, the grade 3/4 classes took a trip to St. Aloysius to see their new performance, Hairspray. We asked them what they thought of it, and this is what they thought of it.

Kelly Vuong : “It was really fun,  really dramatic and lots of music”.

Eze Ong: “I really enjoyed it”.

This term is shaping up to be an amazing term and we can’t wait to see what is coming up next! Stay tuned for more “What’s Buzzing?” with the St John’s Media Team!




2019 School Term and Holiday Dates

Period Start Finish Length
Term 1 Friday 1st February Friday 5th April

Finish 1pm

Wear House Colours

10 Weeks
School Holidays Saturday 6th April Thursday 25th April
Term 2 Friday 26th April Friday 28th June

Finish 1pm

Wear House Colours

10 Weeks
School Holidays Saturday 29th June Sunday 14th July
Term 3 Monday 15th July Friday 20th September

Finish 1pm

Wear House Colours

10 Weeks
School Holidays Saturday 21st September Sunday 6th October
Term 4 Tuesday 8th October Thursday 19th December

Finish 1pm

11 Weeks




OSH CLUB – Before and After School Care

Would you like to attend before / after school care in 2019.

Please register online:

Register Choose: St John’s Catholic Primary School FOOTSCRAY

Follow prompts OR CALL: 1300 395 735


Please Note: The Lunch Box orders

From Term 2 The Lunch Box will be providing lunch orders for FRIDAY’s only until further notice.

EBI Fine Foods will be providing lunch orders from Tuesday through to Friday as usual.



May and June

  • Friday 10th May – Sunshine Mosque for those families who are interested
  • Friday 10th May – Mother’s Day Day Celebrations at St John’s from 8.30am (check Flexibuzz for more details)
  • Friday 10th May – Mother’s Day Stall (Parent Helpers Needed)
  • Friday 17th May Grade 3/4/5 Parents tour of High Schools
  • Friday 17th May – Assembly 2.30pm
  • Friday 31st MayAssembly 2.30pm
  • Monday 10th June – Queens Birthday Public Holiday
  • Wednesday 19th June – School Photos
  • Sunday 23rd June – Eucharist Yr 3 St John’s Church 8:30am
  • Mon 24th, Tues 25th & Wed 26th June – Grade 5/6 Camp
  • Thursday 27th June – Grade 3/4 Sleepover 
  • Friday 28th June – Last day Term 2 Finish at 1pm & wear house colours

We have many dates coming, please ensure you are on Flexibuzz and check the newsletter for upcoming events.

Do you need a paper copy? Please let Leonie know at the office.


Community Noticeboard